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This is a high frequency wand, Suitable for various parts of the body, For example, the forehead, hair, face, Using the vibration of high frequency current, product list – LES Technology Co., Ltd. (lescoltd.com)

The glass electrode electrizes to produce ultraviolet light and an electric current to care for the skin, Is the best high frequency facial wand when you’re still facing bulky pores, Blackhead acne, The decree pattern is obvious, The dark, yellow face caused by staying up late,

Skin color spots are severe, Deep wrinkles and other problems for skin anxiety problems, Using this high frequency facial wand, Wake up the young skin, Improve skin problems, Protect the youth beauty muscle, Whitening the skin even better.

This high frequency wand app is used in so many scenarios, home furnishing, office, high frequency acne wand can be used in clubs and beauty salons,

There are 4 different types of Electrode Glass Tube’s, The first one is that the Comb tube, for hair care, scalp massage, improve hair quality, The second is that of the Mushroom tube, for face and body skin, apply to skin, apply to skin alarge area of the cheeks, forehead, body etc.

The third is the Bend tube, Suitable for details, such as the nasal groove, small parts behind the ear, The fourth is the Tongue tube, for facial skin, for the eye bags, the nose has a better therapeutic effect. high frequency wand for acne gives you the skin you want,

Can better activate collagen regeneration, Hand is not tired, the effect is good, Effectively enhance facial profile, Nutrition import, Bright, white and tender skin, Improve your skin color.

When using high frequency wand, import essence and other skin care products, through the massage stick can effectively tighten the skin, brighten the skin tone, improve relaxation, strengthen the skin lift and tightening, in the use of high frequency wand, let the skin younger texture

So high frequency wand is a product worth using and ordering without hesitation. Crucially, it is the Shenzhen LES technology co., LTD., its new products, is specialized supply beauty skin care device, has a huge production workshop, product detection, committed to protect small home appliances,

industry innovation ability, compared with other suppliers, it has a unique technical level and convenient channels, with the concept of customer first, better the profits directly to the customer quality assurance

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