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Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

Appearance Patent

Four brush heads meet different needs
Deep cleansing + Facial massage
Waterproof + Rechargeable
5-speed adjustable
CE/ROHS/FCC certifications and Appearance
Patent to ensure product safety and quality

Galvanic SPA Device

Appearance Patent

3 replaceable treatment heads
3 levels of bio-microcurrent adjustable
Magnetic touch disassembly, easy and quick
LCD display
Treatment time setting

Vibration Damping Silicon
Facial Cleansing Brush

360° smart cleanse & care the skin,5-speed in one device
Made of antibacterial silicone food-grade material for brush
Vibration dampening on the handle(New Design
Heating and massages the skin
Magnetic absorb charging
IPX7 waterproof

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