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This product name is mini hifu machine which is beauty skin care device- Hifu machine. This is the product of Shenzhen LES Technology Co., LTD., also manufacture by them. Simultaneously, they also have own supplier and factory to manufacture these products. 

   Now, let me take a closer to induced this product. This device mainly consists of Rf machine and microneedling rf machine, which is could scan skin automtically and rf is used to stimulate collagen regeneration.

At the same time, ultrasound is used to enhance facial contours, improve skin firmness and hifu facial treatment. 

More and more adults always go to the medical beauty salon, what that they aim to carried out the hifu before and after, it’s could make them skin became more and more firmer.

If you use this product and stick to it for 28 days, you will find out your nasolabial folds are visibly lightened and your face is fuller until hifu before and after.

Most importantly is this rf skin tightening machine is has NFIP lift mode that this mode V face effect is remarkable, through EMS microcurrent acting on facial muscle groups, exercise muscle movement.

When you carry out the hifu face treatment and used rf cavitation machine

together. You will find this home use beauty care instrument is good for you face skin.

   Lastly, let we has firmer skin.

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