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As a leader in medical aesthetics and hair restoration technology, our goal is to help our customers build a strong and sustainable business. In addition to offering cutting-edge technology and treatment solutions, we also provide creative and comprehensive services that address the important challenges customers face and enable them to improve their overall probability of success.

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Factory introduction

When the aesthetics industry flourished in the 90s, practitioners and manufacturers quickly learned that consumer demand was very strong, even though machines were large, slow, and extremely expensive. And then the financial crisis of 2008 hit. Device sales growth came to a screeching halt. Financing was suddenly hard to find. But still, consumers demanded non-invasive aesthetic solutions.

When we started to develop Little Dolphin, it became very clear for us we had to be able to provide a business model that was financially successful for doctors and patients. We set out to ensure that doctors could provide their patients with the most effective treatments with the best technology in a way that was safe, profitable, and sustainable.

This is how the Little Dolphin was born. We pioneered the first subscription-based business model in the industry and developed a world-class organization committed to the highest level of post-sale support. This philosophy is what sets Little Dolphin apart from competitors—no other company provides the level of practice enhancement services, seamless upgrade programs, device warranty, and marketing and clinical support programs. Today, we are one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry helping providers in over 60 countries and 18 direct markets and almost half of our business coming from repeat customers.

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