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Ice roller SKR013,pore minimize, skin tightening, Face roller beauty instrument

The ICE ROLLER Pore Blaster is here to help you achieve radiant, glowing skin. By using this smooth rolling device, you can finally combat the appearance of blemishes, fine lines, and enlarged pores. The ICE ROLLER Pore Blaster utilises its cool non-abrasive surface to reduce inflammation & ultimately give your skin an all natural, captivating glow. Furthermore, the ICE ROLLER Pore Blaster can also be used on any area of the body, applying its ice cold therapy to treat bruises or aches. Simply identify the affected area, place your ICE ROLLER Pore Blaster over the region and begin rolling while applying slight pressure.

Product Specification:

  • Type:Derma Rolling System, Ice roller
  • Certification:CE ROHS
  • YYR:Mesotherapy
  • Stock:Refrigerator
  • Function:Anti-Puffiness
  • Ice Roller Colors:Multi-colors
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Perfect for:

· Flushing fluid from your face

· Reducing puffiness

· Tightening your jawline

· Shrinking enlarged pores

· Soothing redness

· Brightening under-eye circles

· Boosting blood circulation

How to use of ice roller:

1. Clean your ICE ROLLER Pore Blaster with alcohol ensuring that the head is properly cleaned before beginning your session. 

2. Place your Pore Blaster in THE FREEZER for a minimum of four hours (for optimal results place the Pore Blaster in the freezer overnight). once adequately cooled the pore blaster will remain cool for up to 2 hours.

3. Once cold, press the ICE ROLLER Pore Blaster against your face while applying slight pressure. Begin to manoeuvre the ICE ROLLER Pore Blaster in an outward motion, stemming from your mouth and nose to your neck and hairline. Continue this for two to five minutes each day.

4. Upon completion of your ICE ROLLER Pore Blaster, please ensure that you clean it thoroughly using alcohol and then proceed to store it until your next session.

Want results:

To achieve noticeable results, we recommend using your ICE ROLLER Pore Blaster morning and evening daily to firm, lift, and re-energize.

Before, After-Use and Replenishment

Before and After using your Pore Blaster, cleanse with rubbing alcohol and store safely. Also be sure to replace your Pore Blaster often—once a month, if you’re using it several times a week, or after about 7 to 10 uses.

For acne/breakouts, place the roller on affected area and begin rolling over the region at the initial occurrence of a breakout. This will assist in visibly diminishing the magnitude of blemishes. Please be sure to use your Pore Blaster prior to the  application of any topical acne treatments, as this will boost skin’s capability to take in the acne treatment and elevates its degree of effectiveness. in addition the pore blaster will reduce swelling and inflammation.

For muscle soreness, roll directly over the troubled area to soothe muscle soreness, tension, or pain following exercise.

For pain control, consult your physician before using the Pore Blaster for pain control. The Pore Blaster utilised to provide pain relief from minor injuries, burns, or insect bites, simply roll the device over the affected area. Furthermore, the pore blaster can be used before and after particular cosmetic techniques, this is primarily to numb the area and reduce any aches and pains, redness, irritation and swelling. 

For shaving/waxing, please ensure that you use the Pore blaster prior to your waxing session, as this will aid in numbing the area as well as, following your shaving/waxing session in order to calm redness and soothe irritation.


Q: Can I get ice roller sample before order in bulk?
A: Samples of ice roller can be provided for inspection

Q: How can I pay for the ice roller samples? Delivery time?
A: Paypal & W.U. & T/T are ok. We arrange delivery in 1-3 working days upon payment down and ship by DHL/UPS/TNT etc. Will arraive in 4~6 working days.

Q: Are you beauty instrument factory? Can you manufacture the device as I wish?
A: We are factory with our own R&D team. OEM & ODM are available. Welcome small quantity OEM order.

Q: What is the delivery time of OEM orders?
A: 7~10working days upon payment received.

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