2019 Best selling 24k face roller for face lifting and tightening

Product Specification:

  • surface finish:24K gold plasted, UV paint
  • power:20000 rpm sonic vibration
  • feature:water proof design
  • rated voltage:1pc AA battery power supply
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2018 Best selling 224k face roller for face lifting and tightening

Main Efficacy of 24k face roller:

1.The 24k face roller massage head to produce germanium grain and negative ion to reduce wrinkles, prevent skin aging, instantly reshape a youthful and slim face contour!

2. Massage facial skin, improve blood circulation and enhance immunity. Improve skin flabby, wrinkles, splash, under-eye puffiness.

3. Micro vibration of 10,000 times per minute, promote the absorption of nutrition deep into skin, make skin tissues active, lift and tighten skin.24k face roller
24k face roller24k face roller24k face roller24k face rollerFeatures of 24k face roller:

1. The 24k face roller negative Ion Germanite: help remove harmful positively charged ions, help restore and regulate the balance of the amount of positive and negative ions, stimulate blood cells to product more oxygen.Release mental pressure. Improve metabolism, internal secretion and sleep. Bring health to us.

2. The 24k face roller Y-shaped head: Promote the absorption effect of cosmestics; wipe out the secretion of keratin

3. Micro vibration: Promote the face blood circulation and metabolism, enhance immunity. So slack and improve the phenomenon of natural sodium, such as skin flabby, wrinkles, splash,under-eye puffiness and multiplex under jaw result from age.

3. Waterproof design, could be use when you bath or sauna

4. Small in size, easy to carry. Just need 3 minutes every day, it can relax facial muscles and achieve beautiful skin effect at anywhere and anytime. You can use it while watching TV, taking bath, etc.


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