How to quickly remove the blackheads on face in your daily life?

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Every girl who is smooth and fair skin is eager, but there are always some blackheads and acne that are bothered by the white skin and smooth skin for a variety of reasons. So, what can we do in our daily life to quickly remove the blackheads on face ? Below, I will share the three ways for families to go to the blackheads.

In daily life, we can take the following measures to get rid of the blackheads on the face.blackheads on face instrument wholesale/ skin care for homeThoroughly clean the dirt
Everyone knows that poor cleaning of the face is one of the main reasons for the formation of blackheads on face. Therefore, it is very important to do a good face cleaning. Specifically, it can be carried out from the following steps.

1, must remove makeup at night when skin care

Because the fat-soluble ultrafine molecules in the cleansing oil can completely enclose the sebum and grease, dissolve it, to a certain extent, purify the skin, remove and prevent blackheads on face. In addition, the massage with cleansing oil can also remove the blackheads on face.blackheads on face instrument wholesale/ skin care for home2, clean after bathing

After the shower, it is a good time to clean the blackheads. When the pores are opened, use a cleaning product containing glycolic acid, which can effectively dissolve the blackheads, and then slowly use the facial cleaning brush and other auxiliary tools to brush out the acne.

3. One or two deep cleansing treatments per month

Blackheads are cleaned too often, which can easily damage the skin and make the pores thicker. It is recommended to clean up once or twice a month. Oily skin must develop regular exfoliation habits, and professional deep cleansing treatments every week can help remove dirt and greasy skin and reduce the formation of acne and blackheads.

Home small tricks to remove the blackheads on face

1, salt + milk to remove the blackheads on face:

Clean your face, take the right amount of the most common edible salt in our life, add 4-5 drops of milk and mix well, let the salt spread in the semi-dissolved state at the blackheads on face, gently rub until the salt is completely melted, then Rinse off with water.blackheads on face instrument wholesale/ skin care for home2, cleansing oil massage to remove the blackheads on face:

Before using this method, apply a warm towel to the blackhead to make the pores open naturally. Then apply the cleansing oil to the blackheads on face and massage with the fingertips in a circular motion. You will find that there are particles coming out, about 20 minutes of massage.

3, the inner membrane of the egg shell removes the blackheads on face:blackheads on face instrument wholesale/ skin care for home

This method is very classic and natural and effective. Open the fresh egg, then peel off the thin film inside the eggshell and evenly stick it on the blackhead. After the inner membrane is dry, slowly tear it off to nourish the skin while removing blackheads.

4, pearl powder apple juice to remove the blackheads on face:

Pearl powder has an excellent adsorption function and can absorb blackheads in the pores. Adding fresh apple juice to the pearl powder will make the effect better and adjust it to a paste. Clean your face and apply it to your face. After 20 minutes, wash it off with water. It will not only remove blackheads but also remove acne.

blackheads on face instrument wholesale/ skin care for home

Of course, the best way is to use a professional blackhead to clean the blackheads on face. LES Technology specializes in the production of household blackhead devices, which are compact and can be placed in a handbag. I can clean blackheads at home, I highly recommend it.

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