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There are many factors in the occurrence of acne, and the direct factor is the pore blockage. After the pore gambling game, the lumen of the hair follicle is narrow and forms an anoxic state. The oil inside the hair follicle cannot be discharged, which causes the anaerobic bacteria of the hair follicle to proliferate in a large amount, resulting in imbalance of microorganisms. The more accumulated, the smaller acne, commonly known as acne.

In this age of people’s face, having a flawless face is the lifelong pursuit of every beauty, but we are always troubled by some skin problems, for example, the face is full of acne. We have found many ways to get rid of acne, many people choose to take medicine to adjust, and some people choose to go to the beauty salon for treatment, but the two methods are single implementation, acne effect is not obvious. Now, this light and heating acne remover machine will improve your face’s acne.Acne remover machine/skin care devices for home supplier

Advantage of acne remover machine:

1. Physical therapy, no side effect, no chemical residue

2. Removal ance in 2 days, 3 kinds light and heating therapy to resolve all acne problem

3. Small size, can be carry in bag any where, and use any time

4. The product has been CE approved and has government test report

Effective of acne remover machine:

Removal acne 2 days, reduce acne mark 1 week, prevent relapse after acne removal.

Principle of acne remover machine:

Use heating+special wave length blue light to removal acne,

Use heating+special wave length red light to reduce acne spot, at the same time rejuvenate skin,

Use gree light to prevent acne relapse, at the same time lessen skin pore.Acne remover machine/skin care devices for home supplier

Specification of acne remover machine:

Red light wave length 635nm

Green light wave length 560nm

Blue light wave length 415nm

Working temperature 44-48 degree Celsius

Environment temperature -30 – 60 degree Celsius

Power supply 3V

Current 2pcs AA battery

Adhere to the use of this heating and light acne remover machine, at the same time, with the regulation of the drug, internal regulation, external anti-inflammatory, I believe that the acne on the face will be greatly improved

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