Eye point inductive type massager/micro-current eye massage instrument

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The micro-current eye massage instrument is made of food grade stainless steel. High temperature resistance & corrosion resistance. Using the technology of thermotherapy,iontophoresis and high frequency vibration to take good care of your eyes it could realize the functions of relieve eye fatiguea and effectively remove eye bags, dark circles and eye wrinkles. fast induct eye cream and gear up the nutrient absorption around eyes.

micro-current eye massage instrument/beauty care devices

Thermotherapy of micro-current eye massage instrument :

micro-current eye massage instrument continuous thermotherapy could release your eyes quickly and gear up the nutrient absorption of eyes skin, reduce melanin, pouch and dark circles.(Temperature will increase gredually base on different environment, and climate,and there will be temperature variation which range from 42~48 degrees)

High-frequency vibration massage 

micro-current eye massage instrument use the technology of intermittent long time and short time vibration to stimulus eyes’ meridian recover eyes’ vitality, relieve eye fatigue and effectively remove eye bads and ponch.

Adopt iontophoretic therapy,release the pores quickly and introduce eye cream, improve the nutrient absorption around eyes, this technology has the auxiliary function of treating periorbital lines,

Mixed treatment of iontonphoresis and the rmotherapy, vibration massage and thermotherapy:

Two kinds of mixed treatment. use the technology of thermotherapy to quickly introduce the nutrition under skin ,fast absorption and make the skins around eyes full moist and lastingly enjoy tender pleasure,effectively remove eye bags, dark circles and eye wrinkles, balance grease secrete and fast relieve eye fatigue.

parameters of micro-current eye massage instrument:

product nane: Eye point  introduce massager

Model: CM801

Rated power: 0.85w

Internal battery: 3.7v-600mAH

Input:5V-380mAIontonphoresis of micro-current eye massage instrument :

Temperature range: 42-48degrees

Charging time: 2.4 hours

Min micro- current:600uA

Max micro-current: 1000uA

Min rpm: 8400 r/min

Max rpm:10500 r/min

Product Net: 67g

An eye care device that you can take with you, taking care of your eyes anytime, anywhere, making your eyes more attractive.

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