Specific steps and methods for remove blackheads

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Yesterday we talked about the diagnosis of blackheads. There are two methods, self-diagnosis and microscopy. Today we continue to talk about ways to remove blackheads

Medical lawof remove blackheads

★ Blocking the lesion: Using the rational deployment of Chinese medicine, deeply remove the body’s wet, heat, fire, inflammation, and poison, and block the root cause of acne.

★ Internal and external treatment: In the process of adjustment of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with the comprehensive function of acne photodynamic therapy system, the acne area is sterilized, local microcirculation is accelerated, the toxins in the body are eliminated, and the endocrine balance is restored.

★ Clean skin: Quick penetration, deep cleansing, repairing external scars and acne marks of acne, removing stains, repairing scars, and reshaping smooth skin.

remove blackheads factory/beauty insturment

Treatment step:

First step disinfection of hands

The second step is to clean the skin

The third step is to apply astringent water

The fourth step is to check the skin

Step 5: Spray the face for about 10 minutes.(Add special ingredients such as Hamamelis and Kapuzinerkresse extracts to the water to soften the skin.)

The sixth step is to exfoliate

There are many ways to remove the stratum corneum, which is nothing more than decomposition of the epidermal keratinocytes, ie external exfoliation, or direct decomposition of the keratinous substance, chemical exfoliation. For the acne-prone skin, scrub is a thorough exfoliation method that smoothes the surface of the skin. However, the scrub particles only remove the dander from the surface of the skin and do not penetrate the sebaceous follicles. The process of chemical exfoliation is different. In this type of exfoliation, substances that decompose or soften keratinous skin are added.

Step 7 massage

When the skin is squeezed, such as remove blackheads or massaging the inflamed area, the phenomenon of purulence will spread around. Despite this, in order to promote blood circulation and to excrete inflamed products through the lymph, various lymphatic drainage and lymphatic stimulation techniques must be used. By gently pressing and massage the skin, the lymph and blood can be smoothed without irritating the skin, and the inflammation will not spread again. Lymphatic drainage can accelerate the healing of hemorrhoids and purulent, in addition to the physiological and psychological decompression is also quite effective. However, for skin with a large area of infection on the face, it is not appropriate to massage.

he eighth step is to use a vacuum suction machine to make a point attraction

The ninth step to remove blackheads and whiteheads

During the remove blackheads hot gauze can be applied to the skin from time to time to soften stubborn blackheads

The tenth step is to apply anti-inflammatory sterilization cream

The eleventh step of applying a special remove blackheads mask

The twelfth step  remove blackheads 

Step 13 spray

The fourteenth step of applying special care solution

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